Design of Classy and Stylish
House Interior.

For centuries, India has produced many of the worlds’ finest craftsmen. At Classic Reproductions, we have joined arms with the finest carvers, carpenters and cabinet makers. All of whom belong to a guild of traditional, superior craftsmen families. Families whose legacies have built furniture for the Royal houses of India, and in some instances, belonged to exclusive British furniture manufacturing companies that reigned during the years of the Raj.

Our team of craftsmen take abundant pride in working with their hands and use only their hand made tools. This process is entirely machine free and eco-friendly. The wood used is reclaimed from old, demolished buildings that served their time for over 100 years.

The exhibited pieces of our high value antique furniture reproductions have been sold at various world class auctions. The fine art of handmade cabinetry and carving, is sadly a dying art form due to high production costs

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